Binger Ninja

Binger Ninja is 2d isometric game were the player takes control of the ninja, Binger.

The game takes place in Nakamura tower, a modern skyscraper in Tokyo. Each floor represents a new level with each staircase representing the progression to the next stage, your objective is to pass through the different stages using any means necessary, stealth or aggressive, and complete your mission.

Throughout the game, you will have access to food that will help you survive and fight your enemies.

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Binger Ninja was created by me and a group of third-year university students during the Covid-19 pandemic, throughout this entire process we have only communicated online.
In this project, I had the opportunity to fill a lot of roles like Gameplay Programmer, Platform Programmer, QA, Optimization and Programming Lead.

  • As a Gameplay Programmer, I took care of the movement of the character, the weapons system of the game, that englobing the different weapons and their effects when attacking or the effects when eating. And the dialogue system, that being, reading from an external document and showing it on screen, as well as, detecting in which level you are in and loading the specific dialogue for that. 

  • I helped with Optimisation, I made research and helped to get to one of the goals of the project, all assets and scripts being less than 68kb.

  • I had the role as well of QA, I tested and reviewed most of the scripts in the early part of the project, that being taken over when we got to the testing phase.

  • I helped as a Platform programmer, adapting the game to the controller and later helping port the game to Android.

Finally, I end up fulfilling the role of Lead Programmer, due to some problems during the project and my knowledge of the different stages of the project as well as my skills as a programmer, I took over guiding and helping my programming team to progress and overcome some of their adversity, I organised their tasks and allocated with the help of the other leads.