Crowd Maker (Unity Tool)

Crowd Maker is a tool developed to Unity that with the objective of helping developers create crowds on their own games.

Features include:

  • Crowd Creation 

  • Multi Crowd management

  • Script Attachment/management

  • Components Attachment/management



Crowd Maker will let the developer divide the crowds into groups with their Models, Components, and Scripts. Its functionality is to assign the components to the group and manage the crowd's scripts, AI and models. All of the assets need to be provided by the developer and imported to the tool when creating the group.



The main objective of this tool is to be easy to use and fill the user needs. As a developer using this tool you will have a lot of liberty, you will be able to easily fill spaces and create busy environments or create armies with different behaviours and abilities. 
Due to how abstract the tool is, it can be easily manipulated and repurposed by the user to do groups of different things like rocks or trees, depending on the models and assets you use, making it versatile and powerful as well.