Race Game(DirectX)

This demo was created in as part of a university project, in it, my objective was to explore the DirectX11 SDK and try to create a game from the ground up.

My main focus on the game was the inclusion of the different possible stuff using DirectX 11 like loading models and textures, Shaders and implement C++ stuff like collision and driving physics.


In this game, I explored the basic mechanics of DirectX 11 as well as creating a mini-demo.


Mechanics explored:

  • Rendering

  • Shaders

  • Constant Buffers

  • Matrices

  • Z-Buffer

  • Cameras and Depth

  • Textures

  • Lights

  • Model Loading

  • Orientation

  • DirectX input

  • SkyBoxes

  • Particles

  • Scenes

  • Collision

On the demo, you will be able to complete a lap on the track and it will give you the time you took the make the lap.

During the track, you will find boosters that can accelerate you in a good or bad way depending on the way you use them.

To move you use the W,A,S,D keys and Shift as your own boost.