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Remote-Controled Car

This project consists of a robotic car that has a camera in it.


For the project I had to create an application that allows the car to be controlled by an android app and make the camera run according to the user's commands, capturing the image and transmitting it immediately to the application. The car is controlled by the same app using the phone’s accelerometer.


PCB Design

Embedded Systems

As observed above, I used 2 raspberry pi to control the different parts of the car.

I started by installing Windows 10 IoT to control all the motors on the car. I chose the Windows 10 Iot so I could explore the platform as well and leave my comfort zone.

To programme for the OS I Used C# using the visual Studio 2017 IDE.

The program I created revolves around creating a TCP Server and reading any inputs from its clients and controlling the motors accordingly.


For the camera, I installed the MotionEye Os on the second raspberry pi. This OS lets you transmit a video feed locally by WIFI.


Android App


To control the Car I created an Android app using processing. 

Processing is a slightly alternated and simpler version of Javascript.

With It, you can create a 2d environment and create any type of logic.

The App is able to control the motors by communicating with the car using the TCP server.

To control the car movement, I used the gyroscope of the phone, so it would make it more fun and different to control.

The camera is being captured by the app and transmitted in real-time.

To rotate the camera, I placed two sliders, one on the left for vertical rotation and another on the bottom for horizontal rotation. the rotation is made by two servo motors.

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