This App is composed of 2 mini-games and one demo.


  • The first game is Deeprun Tram Line.

As a player, your goal is to build a path for the new Deeprun Tram Line. You can directions with the left thumbstick and attack tapping the right button.


  • The second game is Simon The Drunk.

A man named Simon has challenged you to a dancing challenge. Your goal is to copy his moves exactly as he dances them out, but there is a twist, Simon will always change the move he made the last turn.

Can you win the challenge?!


  • The demo was a mini-challenge for me where I need the optimize it to run on mobile. 

In this challenge was given me a 3d level poorly optimised created to run in pc.
My job was to optimise it using the Unity tools and make new inputs to touch screen so as it could run on android.