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My name is Mário Fernandes

Experienced Software Engineer with a diverse skill set in C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and more. Proven ability to collaborate in teams, conduct code reviews, and resolve bugs. Proficient in Git, Docker, and Agile methodologies. Committed to achieving excellence in software development. Seeking programming-focused roles to continue growing.

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Welcome to my portfolio website.


Technical Skills

Unity3D, C#, C++, DirectX, PlayStation 4 SDK, SDL, GitHub, Wwise



BSc (Hons), Computer Games (Software Development)




Music, Games, Anime, Coffee



About Me.

My interest is in the creation of tools and helping my fellow teammates improve create new things and improve their workflow with it. For example, in one of my projects in my portfolio, that being my final project at the university, I created a tool for Unity aimed at artists or designers that would help them create crowds of characters. In it, they could implement their code or assets in a simple way that would speed up their scene-dressing job.
Most of my personal projects always come from interest or curiosity, and it is by creating and exploring that I grow and develop my coding abilities expanding my areas of knowledge and being more versatile for tool creation. I always research the area of interest and try to understand what I’m interested in it. Then, I try to create something using both what I have learned and my previous knowledge, to hopefully create something that works and maybe I can use in the future in other projects.



BSc (Hons) Computer Games
(Software Development)

Solent University

Grade: First Class of Honour

At Solent University I learnt skills relevant to software development from the ground up, with a heavy focus on C++ and C#. Throughout these years I have created many projects for assignments using various API's such as DirectX11, SDL, PlayStation 4 SDK, Unity3D, Unreal and Wwise. I also studied standard project management methodologies for software development in several units and put these into practice for assignments.


Professional Course of Electronics, Automation, and Computers Technician

Escola Secundaria de Caldas das Taipas

Grade: 18/20

In this course, I learned how to design, create and repair electronics. From designing with Proteus to creating circuit boards, I learned to repair computers and any type of electronics as well as learn how to automate robots, Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos using C++ and Processing.

Employment History

Dec 2022 -Current

Graduate Software Engineer

Bridgeworks Ltd

  • Collaborated on the maintenance of web applications using JavaScript, Lua, HTML, and CSS.

  • Worked with the product team to port our products to Docker containers.

  • Developed and tested code in C, Bash, and other relevant programming languages.

  • Actively participated in code reviews, addressing feedback to improve coding skills.

  • Diagnosed and resolved software issues, contributing to efficient problem-solving.

  • Functioned as a valuable member of an Agile team, aiding in the planning and delivery of software iterations.

Mar 2022 - Nov 2022

Bar Waiter
Gin and Olive

  • Greet customers as they settle at the tables in the restaurant

  • Inform customers of any promotion or relevant information

  • Record customers' orders and submit them to kitchen and bar staff

  • Serve food to customers and refill their drinks

  • Provide silverware and condiments as needed

Oct 2019 – Jun 2021

Student Ambassador 
Solent University 

  • Inspiring the new generation of university students through assisting with workshops and communicating personal university experiences and tips.

  • Working with a large group of student ambassadors to facilitate application days and help students discover their future passion.

  • Building the university community and helping students with challenges and opportunities.

  • Help new students, in their new environment, and find their community within the university.

Mar 2018 - Jul 2018


MicroByte Informática

Repair computers, phones, tablets, and video game consoles.


Southampton, UK


+44 07586 119485



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